Wumi and Kieran had been friends for years, but they never expected to fall in love. It all started at the local ice cream shop one summer day when their paths crossed by chance.

Kieran was an avid hiker who loved exploring nature’s beauty with his friends from the local hiking group. He was a laid back guy who enjoyed spending time outdoors, so it wasn't surprising that he ended up at the ice cream shop after a long day of hiking in search of something sweet to cool off with.

Meanwhile, Wumi had just moved into town and didn't know anyone yet. She felt lonely and out of place until she stumbled across this quaint little store near her new apartment complex - it seemed like a sign! As soon as she stepped inside, she immediately knew that this would become her favorite spot in town - not least because it served her favorite flavor of ice cream: chocolate chip cookie dough!

Little did either of them know that fate was about to bring them together… As Wumi waited patiently in line for her order, Kieran walked up behind her — and before either could say anything else they were both lost in each other's eyes... In that moment everything changed between them — suddenly two strangers became soulmates connected by a single glance.  They quickly realized how much they have in common: they both enjoyed outdoor activities like camping and fishing; they shared similar values about family loyalty; even their taste buds aligned perfectly since Kieran also loved chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!

From then on there was no turning back –– these two kindred spirits had found each other amidst life’s many twists and turns. Before long, Wumi joined Kieran's hiking group so she could explore more places with him while getting to know everyone better too! The whole gang soon grew close as if bound by some secret code only known amongst themselves –– silly jokes here or there always filled any lulls during hikes which created an atmosphere full of joy around every corner (or mountain peak!)

Their relationship flourished through thick & thin over the next couple months: adventuring together on weekends; picnics under star-filled skies; stargazing at night… All those moments brought out the best version of themselves as well as finding true happiness within each other’s company without any expectations whatsoever ― yet somehow everything still felt incredibly natural between them all along…

Eventually though things got complicated when Wumi got accepted into an internship abroad for six months ― leaving Kieran alone again right when things were starting to get serious between them―but thankfully neither gave up hope & kept faith alive throughout their separation period despite being apart physically ... After all those weeks away from home though finally came what seemed like eternity waiting ―until finally one magical evening arrived whereupon receiving news via text message made shouting out loud inevitable : “We can be together now!! I'm coming home!!!".

Wumi and Kieran got married last Saturday in Canmore, very close to their special spot with a wonderful view of the mountains and the clear blue lake. Here's wishing them a very wonderful life together.

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